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Tracking Employee Vacation Time

Payroll Services

Brooks Financial Strategies will manage and prepare payroll to meet your organization’s unique needs. Hiring a professional firm has proven to be an essential component for a company to continue functioning at an optimum level and has proven to save an organization costs. Benefits are large in hiring a professional payroll service, but the leading benefit is to maintain proper and timely payroll taxes.

How Does Brooks Financial Supply Payroll Services?

Brooks Financial Strategies’ payroll services has innovated a unique process for maintaining accurate and timely payroll to help fast track your payroll process. We make sure that everything you need is handled in a timely fashion. Allowing us to handle your payroll gives you the time and freedom to conduct your business more efficiently while we take care of the details.

We Offer Unique Experience on a Client-By-Client Basis

Brooks Financial offers a variety of payroll services.

Our payroll services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Calculating pay checks on an employee by employee basis
  • Specifically identifying individual tax needs for your company
  • Evaluating tax needs on all levels – local, state, and federal
  • 401k processing
  • Configuring direct bank deposits
  • Processing your W-2
  • Check Delivery