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Brooks Financial is established on a foundation of excellence and continues to provide only the finest quality services to our clients.

Our Staff

Our Staff

Joseph R. Kenny CMA, CPA

Brooks Financial Strategies integrates Joe’s wisdom and experience into helping organizations solve problems and gain knowledge.

t: 312.435.2869

f: 888.843.3241

e: jkenny@bksfin.com

Marielena Kenny

Always fascinated with new developments in Chicago’s vibrant business community, I’m happy to be at the helm in Brooks Financial Strategies operations.

t: 312.435.2860

f: 888.843.3241

e: mkenny@bksfin.com

Alexis Ware

Strong desire to learn new things in different industries, I work with the day to day operations of the company.

t: 312.435.2874

f: 888.843.3241

e: aware@bksfin.com

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Marielena Kenny



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411 S. Wells Street, Suite 710

Chicago, IL 60607

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