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Cost Per Patient Analysis

HealthCare Accounting

Brooks Financial Strategies has been providing healthcare industry accounting services nationwide for over sixteen years. We specialize in customizing financial statements for several agencies in the healthcare industry. Agencies include, Home Healthcare, Hospice, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Physician Groups and Renal Dialysis to name few.

Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Financial Reporting

Cost accounting is an essential part of the healthcare industry. As managed care has embraced the industry, healthcare organizations have made the focus about the capacity and control of costs. Owners and administrators along with their accountants have become aware and are meticulously focused on the importance of understanding where the dollars are and how to keep costs under control. At Brooks Financial Strategies, we produce reports comparing your agency to the national and local county averages. These reports can be prepared and discussed monthly, quarterly, or annually. We cater our services to meet the needs of our clients.

How Does Your Agency Compare to the Industry?

At Brooks Financial Strategies we compare your agency to the national averages indicating your peer agencies in your area. We analyze revenue per patient, cost per patient, utilization per patient, as well as the average cost per visit. We indicate whether your agency is above or below the averages. If your agency deviates from these averages we can analyze what may be causing this situation and develop a plan to correct the situation.